Anchorbox : Surveys and Segmentation

We are providing Anchorbox to allow the research community experimentation with survey and product-based segmentation. We hope that this evidence-based approach will help uncover the unique factors for each segment, so we might better formulate better personas, conversation guides and moderation scripts. In short, understanding our participants better.

Select a sample dataset:

COVID + Fandom BehaviorRaw data

How do communities of fans change their behavior in a time of COVID? The survey compares their appetite around content consumption and participation for different fan-based touchpoints.

TikTok's Essential QualitiesRaw data

What makes TikTok tick? This survey on the essential qualities of TikTok amongst 3,600 teens looks at follower / posting behavior, as well as motivators and apprehension of app usage.

Grabbin' Some GrubRaw data

Investigation of 1,100 participants' online food ordering habits. Especially relevant, given the recent changes in purchase and consumption habits within the restaurant industry.

Feelz on Manufacturer WarrantiesRaw data

Comparison of 880 participants on the different types of device ownership and the importance of warranty coverage across different demographic categories.

Or, upload your own dataset:

  • Use a CSV file; include a header row
  • Your first column should be a unique user ID, or we will generate one.
  • Only the first 10,000 rows will be processed.
  • Only the first twenty questions will be processed.

Example structure

Our data storage policy
1 Answer A Answer X Answer Q Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame…
2 Answer C Answer Y Answer R Consectetur adipiscing el…
3 Answer A Answer Y Answer Q Etiam tempor aliquam libe…
4 Answer B Answer Z Answer S Dignissim vulputate estan…
5 Answer C Answer X Answer R Dignissim vulputate estan…

Using first column as a unique ID and header rows for each question.

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